DashCam module with remote streaming

Video surveillance is possible through dashcam module. There are two main features:

1. Recording: for continuous recording you have to leave your device/phone opened in the dashcam module. It will record in loop. Each video is 10 minutes long. If the memory is full it deletes 1/3 of your current videos from myguardcam folder, starting with the old ones.

2. Remote/live streaming: Go to myguardcam.com, login, go to my dashBoard, Streaming and Start Stream. You have two options for streaming depending on the app state:
a. App Running: if you want to see a live stream, you have to check Enable Streaming box in the app and you'll be able to see images from your device, if the app is running in the dashcam mode.
b. App NOT Running: to remotely access the device even if the app is not running, check the Remote Streaming box in the app. It will start recording and you'll see a live stream for about 10 minutes. After that, the stream shuts off. This was put in place for security reasons (if you forget to close the stream, your device will run continuously).

    Right now, only one device/phone can be normally used for remote streaming. Sure, you can use multiple devices to record around your home or vehicle. But if you use the same account on all of the devices, the website, right now can't distinguish between them and the stream will fluctuate between the devices.

    Videos are saved only on your app device. Depending on your available memory you can choose 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB. You'll be notified if you don't have enough memory for an option. Default space is 1GB. The videos are saved in the external memory, which can be your device memory or an SD card, depending on the manufacturer. You don't have the option to save on a SD card if the device was not design to do that. Video quality options will be implemented in the future.

    Videos are saved in myguardcam/guardcamVideo folder. Usually if you access the video form Gallery, you'll see only the guardcamVideo folder.

    Remote streaming is done through images and you'll normally get one frame per second. We know this is not much but, for now, this is what we offer. Building a full video streaming feature involves a lot of work if we'll do it all on our own or, a lot of investment, if we use an external streaming service. In any case this is not possible at the moment.